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Sewage of the country house: the main principles of the device

The sewage is needed both in the apartment and in a private house; However, in country housing sewage, unlike urban, autonomous. Therefore, its project and scheme are developed individually, taking into account the number of people living in the house, the layout of the building, the relief of the plot and many other factors.

The installation of sewage in a private house consists of several main stages: installation of septica (a cesspool is undesirable to use as a drain - in the long run, it creates a lot of problems), laying the outer and internal wiring of sewer pipes. The volume of septicism and the bandwidth of the pipes are calculated based on the needs and needs of the householders. In order for the autonomous sewage to be reliable and convenient to operate, its diagram must be drawn up at the stage of developing a project of the house.

For example, in a one-story building building, which must be connected to sewage (kitchen, bathroom and toilet), it is advisable to arrange next to each other and as close as possible to the place of the total sewer pipe from the building, and if there is more than one floor in the house and several Bathrooms, they must be over the other, so that one common riser can be used. With this scheme, it is quite realistic to make autonomous sewers with your own hands, without even being a specialist in this area, but the development and laying of more complex sewage systems - for a cottage with a swimming pool, a sauna, several bathrooms - requires the mandatory attraction of specialists.

Pipes for the autonomous sewering of a private house are mainly plastic (for outdoor networks - "red", for internal gray) - affordable, lungs and at the same time durable, not subject to corrosion, are very smooth inside, which minimizes the risk of blockages. Since the sewage system is most often free, it is necessary to correctly calculate the diameter and slope of the pipe, as well as the distance from the output from the house to the septica - so that the drains are not stored in the pipe and at the same time did not move along it too quickly (this is fraught with the fact that A large stock fraction will settle on the walls of the pipe). Despite the fact that plastic pipes for autonomous sewage are characterized by quite high frost resistance, it is necessary to lay them below the depth of the primer of the soil or using heat-insulating materials. Reviews of no deposit bonuses from online casinos