905-715-2447 Summer Hours: Open Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 am - 5:oo pm 3301 Sideroad 10, Bradford, ON Canada
905-715-2447 Summer Hours: Open Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 am - 5:oo pm 3301 Sideroad 10, Bradford, ON Canada

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Any casino is a roulette, here you will be lucky. Therefore, it is by no means worth believing in sites where they promise a stable and constant income received from the game. The Grand Casino project offers everyone not only to spend their leisure time with interesting games, but also to earn good money, and practically without straining. This casino has a distinctive feature, here users can play with live dealers. Official website Instantpay casino https://instant-pay-casino.com/

There are a lot of offers: promotions, tournaments, arcades, roulette, poker, and so on. As they say, everyone can choose the entertainment that he likes more. But is everything as beautiful and transparent as it may seem at first glance? Let's try to figure it out.


The "About the project" tab contains all the information about the owners of this site. It looks frankly strange and does not cause confidence at all. Even though the information is specified in as much detail as possible:

1. The fastpay Casino website operates in accordance with the gambling laws of the State of Curacao. It is a small island located in the Caribbean Sea near the continental coast of South America. Their gambling laws provide for the mandatory availability of a gambling license. The Grand Casino website allegedly has it available. That's just the link to it is completely not working. Accordingly, we can conclude that the project does not have a legal document and thus they are simply trying to mislead us.

2. It is indicated here that the official operator of the site is Nadontil Limited, 11 Megalou Alexandrou, 4632 Kolossi, Limassol. There is a website with this name on the Internet, where it is said that Nadontil Limited is the operator of the casino group. On the Internet, there are numerous complaints about their activities, both by users themselves and official dealers.

For example, such a complaint was published by the project administration Casino-X.com (this does not mean that you need to completely trust them and run headlong there to play for money, any casino is basically a scam, where there is always a percentage of cheating players. Another thing is that in official projects you have at least some chance to win money, and in such as Fastpay Casino you do not have it at all). So, Casino-X.com He accuses Nadontil Limited of plagiarism, fraud and an attempt to illegally earn money on their behalf.

By the way, the official address of Nadontil Limited is not specified correctly, the guys chose the historical monument "Kolossi Castle"as the location for their non-existent office. If you look at the photo of the building, it becomes clear that it is completely empty and has been preserved exclusively as an architectural monument. Therefore, there can not be any offices or other functional premises located there simply by definition:

Grand Casino Fake Address

It is also reliably known that Nadontil Limited, in addition to the Grand Casino website, owns several other similar projects. Here are the links to them:

All these resources are real scams and millions of users have already suffered from them, both in Russia and the CIS countries.

2. The authors of the site write that the casino uses a certified hardware random number generator Quantis-v10. 10. 08. The certificate was not translated from French for a Russian-speaking user. Therefore, if you do not know French, then you are very unlucky: either translate by Google, or hope for the decency of the site.

Although there are extremely negative reviews about projects using the Quantis-v10.10.08 system on the Internet. People write that:

such online institutions never use licensed software in their work. Accordingly, it is very dangerous to play them for real money, since you do not have a single security guarantee. And the random number generator Quantis-v10. 10. 08 is just a program that can behave completely unpredictable and certainly can not guarantee complete non-interference of the project owner in the gameplay.

3. The Grand Casino presents licensed games from the most famous world manufacturers, as well as games of its own design with a unique Integrity Control system. The statement is extremely doubtful. First, the owners describe to us a very tedious and time-consuming way to do this manually, and then they will offer to download and install a certain program into their computer, which supposedly will do everything in a matter of seconds and on a full automatic machine:

Grand Casino Dubious Software

Given that we have been repeatedly tried to mislead here, it is unlikely that the proposed program is legal. Most likely, it represents some kind of malware, which can not be installed on your device categorically.

4. It is written that the technical support of the project is carried out 24/7 by the company " Mir " LLC registered in the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg. No official documents of this company were presented. And the search for it on the Internet did not lead to anything, since there are a lot of organizations with the same name in Russia and what exactly we need is completely unclear.

Grand Casino Contacts

But the contacts are indicated:

1) two email addresses: [email protected],[email protected] Both are fictitious, the check showed that such emails do not exist. The conclusions are clear.

2) phone numbers: 7(985)7364301; 7(495)9265638; 7(812)4485356; 7(985)8629259; 7(812)3093620
All are marked on the site of black numbers as fraudulent.

3) links to pages in social networks are just not working images. Online chat is a feedback form where you need to register your email, then compose the text of the message and wait for the administration's response to your email. The "Order a call" button simply does not work.
Accordingly, Grand Casino simply does not have adequate contacts. And all this information is an ordinary attempt of the administration to mislead users.

Partner Program

The project has an affiliate program called AzartPartner. The conditions are standard, the administrators offer to attract new players to the project. They promise up to 50% of their profit. They are ready to pay them allegedly every 10 days.

I must say that the promises are ephemeral. No site administrator in his right mind will offer 50 percent of the profit to each participant of the referral system. Because this is a clear path to ruin. Accordingly, the promises from the Grand Casino will remain promises. And the "guarantees" of paying these same percentages look extremely false and not plausible.


The site offers to earn money by playing. There are a lot of opportunities. In particular, there are options for free demos and games for money with live dealers. But until you register, all this remains just a picture for you.